E-Waste 101

What is E-Waste, or electronic waste?

The answer is surprisingly large: any outdated or unwanted electronic devices that have been thrown away in landfills, shown below.


It’s hard to avoid in a time when a iPhones come out once a year, sometimes twice.  There’s been a new addition since 2007, leaving a decade of iPhone generations worldwide.  There are currently about 700 million iPhones in use worldwide, a number from the BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long.  And in another ten years?  Those hundred of millions of cellphones are more than likely to end up in the land fill next to your leftovers and old receipts.  There is so much

Why is it more harmful than other kinds of waste?

From cell phones, to laptops, to even your toaster; all electronics contain expensive metals.  These metals, such as copper, gold, or silver, are not only expensive to own but expensive to mine.  Remember that cell phone number?  There’s over $60 million dollar’s worth of gold and silver annually that is just thrown away, according to Business Insider.  That’s $60 million dollars that’s being mined instead of recycled.  To put this amount back into production would save millions of dollars on the part of producers.

What E-Waste can I recycle?

Almost anything!  What would do the most would be complex items such as: cell phones, tablets, computers, appliances, and so on.  Or, you could resell them, another form of recycling through repurposing.

Batteries also important to recycle.  They’re full of precious metals and don’t decay naturally.  Check below for a full list of items, provided by metechrecycling.com.recycables list


There’s more to e-waste than recycling–there’s money in it, too

Instead of letting your old iPhone take up space in your dresser or landfill, you can try reselling them (no matter how broken).  Websites like glyde.com  let you sell your shattered iPhone for up to $400, depending on the model.

Options for drop off in Salt Lake

Unfortunately, getting paid for your old electronics isn’t as easy IRL.  The Target downtown on 400 west will take your old electronics (look for the bins near the front), so will Best Buy at 2100 S and 300 W.

There are also events in Salt Lake City coming up this Spring, starting in May.  Stay tuned for a post with specific dates and places!





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